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Type I5 Dual Purpose Hudson "Shorliner" available at
A dual purpose Hudson Locomotive with 2 sets of Physics for Passenger service and freight service included. Also included is a full set of New Haven Stainless Steel passenger streamlined passenger cars. Several passenger consists are included.  More info...

Bombardier Jet Train
  available at

A non-electrified Acela! Built as a prototype for the USDOT and its high-speed rail initiative, this beautiful model is now available for downloading at Comes complete with two pre-built consists and matching trainsets.

UP Steam MegaPack    available at
What a whopper of a release! This set contains several FEF-3 Northerns, several Challengers, an updated Big Boy and last but not least, a full set of UP smoothside coaches. Includes custom cabs, custom sounds and eight pre-built consists.

Berkshire / Kanawha 2-8-4
    available at
This Berkshire S-2 model represents a perfect balance of functionality and aesthetics, and is proudly presented in Nickel Plate Road livery. Includes an absolutely superb custom cab, alternate sounds, and three pre-built consists.

NEC Megapak    available at
This Megapak includes the AEM7DC locomotive in Septa and Amtrak Phase III and IV, the AEM7AC locomotive in Amtrak Phase V paint, as well as the NJT ALP44.  Also includes 48 different Amfleet I cars, in both Food Service and Coach variants, as well as a replacement for the default Amfleet car.  You'll be right at home on the NEC with this pack!  (Also see the Amfleet I Update for MSTS Bin availble via the Download link at this site and at Train Sim.)

Comet II Commuter Coach Series    available at
Available in the most popular commuter rail schemes, these coaches are the perfect addition to North American Locomotive Works commuter locomotives.
Available roads:
   MBTA (available with F40 set)
   Metro-North Railroad

F40PH Series    available at
Available in a multitude of railroad schemes, this ultra-realistically modeled locomotive has custom cabs, sounds, and is modeled specifically for each individual railroad.
Available roads:
   MBTA (2 variants ) with Comet II coach / control car set

General Electric Road Power Series     available at
This updated GE Road Power release contains a complete set of finely detailed GE Dash 8, Dash 9 and AC4400 locomotives. Custom cabs and sounds round out this package, featuring liveries from Chicago & North Western, CSX, Conrail, Norfolk Southern and Union Pacific.

General Electric/Union Pacific Turbine "Big Blow"    available at
This rare and unique beauty faithfully reproduces this jet-engined motive power experiment from General Electric and the Union Pacific Railroad. The latest version of this innovative locomotive features a new custom cab and sounds...

Alco 4-8-8-4 Union Pacific Big Boy    available at
Undoubtedly the most eagerly-awaited model from North American Locomotive Works to date, the Alco "Big Boy" has arrived! From its highly detailed and accurate shape to the custom 4-8-8-4 sounds, this locomotive has been painstakingly recreated and is bound to please even the most ardent MSTS steam fan.

Genesis Sound Upgrade   available at
Sampled from the prototype, this sound upgrade for your Genesis is a no-brainer...

Genesis Series   available at
All Amtrak schemes are included in this monster of a release. Custom sounds and cab round out this must-have set.
Among the available roads:
   VIA Rail
   Amtrak Phase I-V
   New Haven

New Haven Alco PA Repackage    available at
Based on Columbus Locomotive Works Alco PA, this repackage features a stylized cabview, accurate 16 Cylinder Alco Sounds and custom NH horns. Available in all 6 original New Haven liveries

GG1 Megaload (with CLW)     available at
Brought to you through a special collaboration with Larry and Cameron of Columbus Locomotive Works, this is the ultimate GG-1 Package for MSTS. This package has custom cab, sounds, performance and the GG-1 upgraded textures. Electrifying!

EP5 New Haven Merchants Limited (with ChrisTrains and TrainArtisan)     available at
The famed New Haven Merchants Limited is recreated in this special set, with a bit of help from ChrisTrains and TrainArtisan.

Need More Info?
Head on over here to our old site for pics and additional information on our MSTS releases!  We're still working on this page.  Hopefully soon we'll get everything moved over here soon!

Please note - it is NALW policy to not post any release dates or estimates.  All NALW projects are completed on an as-time-allows basis, as this is our hobby.  We ask that you please respect this policy and not inquire about release dates for any NALW project.  Thank you!

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