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Update on the AEM7/ALP44 from Buzz
Yes, it's been a long time since there was an update.
Don't worry - this is still in the works!  As usual time constraints in the "Real World" have made progress very slow.

However, during the conversion process, a rather serious technical problem cropped up, rendering part of the locomotive unusable in the modeling tool.  I am not sure if this problem exists in the MSTS version or not - this may have happened during a conversion to a newer version of the modeling tool i use.  It is the first case of "corruption" i've ever had in over 5 years of using this program.  Though work is continuing, this has, needless to say, placed an un-anticipated extra delay on the project while that portion of the model is rebuilt.

Stay tuned, i'll try to keep this updated a bit more often.

Please note - it is NALW policy to not post any release dates or estimates.  All NALW projects are completed on an as-time-allows basis, as this is our hobby.  We ask that you please respect this policy and not inquire about release dates for any NALW project.  Thank you!
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